The Journey Begins

Or, How to Take an Idea That Doesn't Go Away and Turn it into an Obsession Have you ever looked back at how you started up with something in your life? It could be knitting, or making the perfect little side table, or perhaps you're that person that's known for having a beautiful flower garden. Now, let's say there's something like that you do. Why did you start doing that thing? And how much time do you like to spend doing it? My guess is most folks don't get to spend as much time as they like. Unless they're lucky enough to have made it into a career. Then perhaps you don't have enough time in your day to get it all done! How did this interest start for you? Did you have a dad who h

Soapy Cupcakes

Or, how I turned a love of baking into a love for soap making. Soap! This is a picture of soap! And it was a challenge beyond the basic swirl. Getting the recipe right, mixing--and mixing--and mixing some more, before it became a beautiful soft soap just right for piping like the best Italian meringue buttercream. Some day I'll create a picture tutorial on how these lovely gems are made, but first I need to know that I can recreate them successfully each time! The biggest bummer of starting up a soap business is all the great soap I make that can't be sold yet! And while my friends are enjoying what I've made so far, I think at some point they'll say "enough!" So, I wait..... Grace and

Bath Bombs Behaving Badly

Or, How to Ignore It All and Have Fun Doing It Bath bombs are--well, they're the bomb! They're also a bit of a hassle to make sometimes. I've not been making them for very long, but I can attest to the fact that the same recipe doesn't always repeat itself. Even a seasoned baker as myself, who knows the value of weighing her ingredients over using volume measures, has scratched my head in wonder over why a batch doesn't turn out. Yet, I persist. Maybe it's the challenge of it, or maybe it's the way they just sit there looking so perfect when they do behave, but I still make more! The picture above shows my latest batch, which turned out pretty good I think. It's getting more consistent,




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