Good Reads

Or, How to Justify Buying More of the Things You Love I love books. You might even say that I have a little problem with them--they keep accumulating! This picture shows just one half of my room that houses the majority of our family's book collection. Yes, there are also books behind the doors at the bottoms of the shelves. I also have similar shelving in the bedroom, the living room, and then there's the piles of books lying around the house on any given day. I've tried giving them away--and honestly, I've given probably HUNDREDS away over the years--but you know what they say about Nature and vacuums ;-) It started with simply loving to read. As a girl, spending time at the library

A Few of My Favorite Things

Or, Let Me Help You Spend Your Money For someone just starting out in soap making, the first hurdle is often where to get the stuff to make it. We are talking about cold process or hot process here: most of us who are curious about the craft usually become very familiar with what our local Michael's carries in melt and pour. If we haven't been scared off by the crazy prices we find locally, (or maybe, if we HAVE), we will turn to the internet and wonder what we can find there. This is just what I did. And today I want to share a few of my favorite places. These are by no means the only places to shop online; I do know of others that I will most likely frequent in the future ;-) These are

Hot Process Soap

Or, how Grandma Might Have Done It Hot process soap making is a world unto itself. I don't know how many folks who make hot process also make cold process, and vice versa. But, after making cold process for a couple of months, I finally decided I'd give it a try. I kept hearing about the perks: fragrance that doesn't disappear, colors that don't change unexpectedly, and having a shorter cure time. I started out thinking "I'll never like hot process". I enjoy making swirls and challenging new designs, techniques that for the most part are given over to cold process. I was (and still am) very new to the world of soap making. I figured I had years of new things to try before I ever got bor




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