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Bath Bombs Behaving Badly

Or, How to Ignore It All and Have Fun Doing It

Bath bombs are--well, they're the bomb! They're also a bit of a hassle to make sometimes. I've not been making them for very long, but I can attest to the fact that the same recipe doesn't always repeat itself. Even a seasoned baker as myself, who knows the value of weighing her ingredients over using volume measures, has scratched my head in wonder over why a batch doesn't turn out.

Yet, I persist. Maybe it's the challenge of it, or maybe it's the way they just sit there looking so perfect when they do behave, but I still make more!

Watermelon bath bombs

The picture above shows my latest batch, which turned out pretty good I think. It's getting more consistent, I have played around with my recipe to where they're drying fairly quickly now. My first ones never did dry all the way! They're in my bathroom now, to be used only by me or my family....

Stay tuned for more in bath bombs, shower steamers, and foot soaks!

Grace and Peace,


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