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Hot Process Soap

Or, how Grandma Might Have Done It

Hot process soap making is a world unto itself. I don't know how many folks who make hot process also make cold process, and vice versa.

But, after making cold process for a couple of months, I finally decided I'd give it a try. I kept hearing about the perks: fragrance that doesn't disappear, colors that don't change unexpectedly, and having a shorter cure time.

I started out thinking "I'll never like hot process". I enjoy making swirls and challenging new designs, techniques that for the most part are given over to cold process. I was (and still am) very new to the world of soap making. I figured I had years of new things to try before I ever got bored with cold process.

Cold Process swirls

Then, I started to have the problems. Like, colors morphing. And scents can also change colors. I think they can also change color in hot process, but then, with HP (as it's also known) it's more acceptable to be a "rustic" looking soap. Also, by this time I've had my Instagram account up for awhile and I follow some AMAZING soap makers of all kinds, including HP. My mind was beginning to shift.....

Partial Gel in CP soap--you don't get this with HP

So, I got a small slow cooker and a mini cooker at Goodwill. I've been making only 1 pound batches so far. And, so far, I've gotten more attention for these "rustic" bars of soap than most of the CP that I've made! I guess people like this stuff....

The first HP loaf!

The first loaf, cut

My second HP soap

My third loaf--hey, I'm getting kinda good at this!

I still haven't tried using any of the finished products. Despite rumors to the contrary, I've learned you still want to let your HP soap cure for at least a couple of weeks. So, in the curing cabinet it goes, waiting until the day when I can give away a few bars to friends and family, and try some of it myself. I'll get back to you!

Grace and Peace,


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