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First Show Success!

Now that everyone's back from the holidays....well, almost...I thought it might be a good time for a new post in an effort to keep up with it more often.

About ten days before Christmas, I sold my soap at my first ever craft show.

It was at Falkner Winery, one of the many local wineries here in Temecula. It's a beautiful location, the kind of place where they do weddings and host club events, in addition to making and selling delicious wine!

Since I far exceeded what I was hoping to sell, I'd say it was a success! And it was a perfect day, not too hot, in fact a little chilly for us, and then there was the....local color, so to speak...

A common aspect of going to the wineries is taking a small tour bus. It cuts down on the potential parking issues, as well as of course drinking and driving. Well, this being so close to Christmas, not one but TWO buses came on this day full of the members of a Santa Convention!

It was absolutely a blast to see all the Santas, elves, and even a Grinch and a pup or two in attendance.

That, plus having a glass of warm mulled wine made for the best day ever, even if I hadn't sold a single bar of soap.

As part of my fondness for making New Year's Resolutions, for 2018 I have set a goal of going to 15 craft shows or farmer's markets. Simply making soap and hoping you all will find me on the vastness that is the internet will never happen, I need to make sure that I go out to you! Staying in touch on my blog, or on my Facebook or Instagram pages, will let you know when and where I plan to be. Introduce yourself if you come!

Have an amazing 2018!!


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