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Soap Favors and Rites of Passage

I just finished putting together my first order for a bridal shower, 15 gorgeous little lavender soaps all wrapped up pretty in burlap and lace. I do hope that the bride and her guests love them! I know that I enjoyed the process of making them-even if every step of the way was not easy going (looking at you, tiny bits of fraying ribbon!)

The bride's name just so happens to be the same as my 13-year-old daughter, so she was a little bit mortified when she saw the tags! It also adds to the humor the fact that she didn't know what a shower is. My friends are all long past the weddings and baby shower days, we're now looking down the road (many, many years down the road), toward our grandchildren's future showers. So, my daughter hasn't had the exposure yet to this little rite of passage in our lives.

However, we are experiencing other rites of passage in our household as of late. We have the end of the first year of college for our eldest, a new driver with our middle child, and the first year of high school coming up for our youngest. Throw in the mix first loves, deepening friendships, getting new businesses off the ground and keeping established businesses fresh, and that pretty much makes a full life, with emotions running rampant and always a new corner to turn!

And before we know it, I'm sure we'll also be back to the wedding and baby shower days, probably sooner than I'd like. But, we'll deal with it, because it's what we all do, right? That's part of the reason why we call them Rites of Passage--these are all common themes that we all as humans will go through as we pass through time. We have The Rituals, like bridal showers, that we conduct to honor these landmark occasions. And hopefully we find little ways--like little bars of artisan soap--to mark these passages. Soap is lovely because every time a guest uses this soap, she (or he) will remember the shower and hopefully look forward to the wedding of which it is a harbinger.

Whatever it is you do in your family to celebrate life, my wish for you is to do it with love and hope and peace.


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