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What's Ahead for 2019

Well, Happy New Year's to everyone! It's three weeks in, but I feel as though I'm still getting around to making resolutions and plans for the year ahead. We had a little setback right after Christmas that had put our family on hold for a little bit.

But, we're back on track, and here I am to reflect over what's working, what isn't, and what I can do to make my little business grow in 2019. For instance, I know that candles are doing so well at shows (and in online sales) so I feel compelled to learn more about them and have more offerings this year.

But the business, after all, is called SOAPcook, lol! So I will keep making soap, and I can say that I know of at least a couple fragrances that have been very popular, so I will make more of those this year (looking at you, Orange Blossom!) And there's a couple that have been, well, meh, so those may not make it back onto the website. Ultimately, YOU, the customer, tells me what to make! And my customers have been speaking!

Off the topic of business, I also like to make resolutions, usually in the area of trying to better myself. This year I have the goal of reading twelve novels, which may not sound like much, but for me, it's been very difficult to get through any books for the last, oh, 20 years or so! I used to love to read, and read constantly, and that hasn't changed much except for what I read now. Nowadays, I still read daily, but for the past couple of decades it's been about child rearing (though not so much now that my kids are all older!), cooking, or somehow related to business. Ya know, boring stuff!

But, to read for pleasure--that's harder for me. Because once I'm in a book, I like to be immersed--and the constant hum of daily life has kept me from reading like I did back in the pre-kid days. So, twelve books, purely for pleasure, one a month if you will, seems do-able. Right now I've started on Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd, a book that I think I may have read 20 or so years ago, but now I can enjoy it so much more that I've visited England a few times and know more about it's history! It's a long one--1,000+ pages-- but I'm already 13% into the book (thank you, Kindle, for telling me that!) so I think I'm on target to finish in the next two weeks!

The other goal I've given myself is to knit twelve pairs of socks! I've been a beginning/intermediate knitter for years now, and I've always admired the delicacy of hand-knitted socks. I've made a pair using worsted weight yarn, and am more than halfway through a pair using fingering weight yarn. And I think I already have the next 10 skeins ready to use!

Of course, I have other, ongoing resolutions, like eating healthier and exercising regularly, and continuing to learn to play the piano. I like to keep it busy!

What are some of your resolutions? Do you, like me, give yourself timelines? Or do you make them open-ended so that you can always redirect if needed? ;-)

Here's wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2019!

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